“”econstruct can incorporate heat and energy packages into any design that can significantly reduce the cost of running a home whilst reducing carbon emissions”

underfloor heating

The use of renewable technologies both in retrofit situations and new builds is proving to be a be a sensible option for those who are more energy aware, especially so with the ongoing rises in energy prices. econstruct are able to offer advice and options for those wishing to look at alternative heat and power solutions and how these can be integrated into a design.

The most common technologies at a domestic scale are noted below:

⁃ ground source heat systems – utilising the natural heat of the ground to provide minimal cost heating solutions

⁃ air source heating – in principle working opposites to a air conditioning unit

⁃ solar heating – solar panels placed on the roof which provide hot water

⁃ solar photopholtaic (pv) – as above but converts light energy into electricity (falls under recent FIT tariff where excess energy can be sold to nation grid under government scheme)

⁃ wind turbines – very much locational, but where appropriate can generate significant levels of electricity with excess being sold to national grid as above

However it is important to be aware of the relationship with renewables & energy efficiency. Solutions to become more energy efficient should go hand in hand and link with good design. Even simple solutions such as the careful orientation of a new build or an extension can at no additional expense and assist in energy saving by using solar gain principles coupled with higher insulation properties/lower u value levels.