econstruct can provide the extension to fulfill your dreams, style and budget’

As part of our services econstruct have been developing a more contemporary design approach to extending existing homes. This approach focuses more on the end use and how the extension requires to interact with the working of our clients home. This is then coupled with a design which focuses on creating light and spacious areas maximizing the level of natural light with the orientation and use of glazing. This can be with the use of floor to ceiling glazing panels, bi folding doors, seamless glazed corners, or just slightly larger window openings positioned in the right place to take advantage of natural light and solar heat gain. On top of creating more light econstruct works with the principles of sustainability in its simplest form helping creating a more eco-friendly home predominantly through the use of careful product selection and reducing the level of heat loss, which is especially important in today’s climate with rising energy costs. This approach is taken from the start and fully discussed with clients explaining the benefits and tailoring the design and specification at an early stage to suit the brief. It is worth noting that embracing these principles do not need to increase the cost rather should be part of a good design.

econstruct will never dictate a design or project rather we aim to provide an honest approach to extending a home providing a range of options so the client can then take an informed decision on how they wish to proceed, as after all no one knows a home better than those living there.



econstruct can design a more sustainable, eco-friendly and contemporary home from your existing’


econstruct prides itself not only in creating a space which works for its clients but also in the appearance of projects from simple design touches to more contemporary styling. As many houses built in the 1960’s through to the 1980’s are starting to look externally ‘tired’, econstruct have been developing ways of turning this around by ‘Retrofitting’. Retrofitting refers to the addition of new technology or features to older systems, in its simplest form the re-fitting / alterations to a home after it has been constructed. This could be in the form of making a house more sustainable following the eco principles, reducing heat loss, installing renewable power sources and more efficient heat generation but also more visually with alterations to the appearance of the house. This can range again from simple design touches such as more contemporary and more efficient glazing and renewing fascia and soffits, new glazed porch, cladding a gable in timber or more radical alterations such as remodeling the house to provide additional space which may allow for more contemporary design principles depending on house type and location. This approach can totally transfer a dull house into an ultra modern eco home without having to go through the hassle of finding a plot and building new house.

Our design team can 3D model retrofits with the use of photographs of the house and digital software to enable our clients to see exactly how their home could look. This allows for materials and colours to be altered at the start of a project rather than during the build process and gives our clients the confidence that what they have chosen is the right choice for them.